Limited Warranty

These liability terms cover raw materials and manufacturing defects in Nokian Tyres made by or for Nokian Tyres plc (“Nokian Tires plc”) or another Nokian Tyres Group company.
The obligation remains valid for a period of three (3) years after the date of purchase, and in the event that the invoice is not available, it shall be (3) years from the date of tire production, provided that the tread depth in either case is more than (4) mm

Nokian Tyres warranty or liability terms do not apply in the following cases:

Tire damage due to improper use or wrong installation.
Tires used after the original tread life. (tires with wear indicators)
Tires that have been repaired or renewed
Damage caused by negligence, such as:
Misalignment, wheel imbalance, damaged brake system, damaged clutch or other damaged suspension parts, incorrect air pressure, excessive weight loading, oil, chemical impact or fire, tire chain use, use in racing or other competition events; Off-road or wreck use, use with the tire empty of air pressure.
Damage caused by road hazards.
Any other damage caused by the actions or negligence of the buyer or user that does not comply with the manufacturer’s specifications or instructions.
Any hole, cut, or bulge on the sides of the tire.

In order for Nokian Tyres liability to apply

The customer must notify the authorized Nokian Tyres dealer of the defect within 14 days of the discovery of the defect or from the moment the defect is discovered.
The customer must immediately return the defective tire to the nearest authorized dealer.
Tires found to be defective may not be returned to the customer.

If an inspection of Nokian Tyres reveals a defect in the material or workmanship of the tire:

According to the choice and preference of Nokian Tyres:
Replace the tire with a new tire free from defects in the event that the replaced tire has less than 5% wear, or
Compensation for the residual value of the tire, computed based on compensation for the residual groove depth. The tire residual value is calculated based on the residual groove depth and the stipulated minimum groove depth (2) mm

Nokian Tyres will not be responsible for any installation or balancing costs for tires found to be defective.

Nokian Tyres will not be liable for any damage, and these liability terms do not apply, in cases of force majeure or other issues beyond Nokian Tires’ sphere of influence.

Nokian Tyres’ liability is limited to the foregoing and will only apply as set forth in these Terms of Liability.
Under no circumstances will Nokian Tyres be liable for any indirect or incidental damage, loss of business income or other economic profit, or for any damage resulting from the inability to use the tire.
These liability terms are only applicable in the retail country** where the tire covered by these liability terms was purchased, and provided that Nokian Tires originally intended to sell the tire in the relevant country.

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